About - Cristian Kirshbom

Cristian Kirshbom

I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1974. Moved to Israel and settled here about 23 years ago. Now I'm living in Holon a city in the central district of Israel.

I love science so I studied Molecular Biology to help me better understand how this world works. I always had also a passion for visual arts in general and photography in particular, but for some sublime reason that I don't really know I started serious photography only somewhere in the fall of 2012 when I bought a new SLR camera and went to a workshop.

I think Photography is more than just capturing a moment in time; it enables to see, feel and unfold the world in a different way. Since traveling is another passion of mine, mixing the art of photography and travel is the winning combination for me that allows seeing what the world has to offer and interpreting it with my view.

If you’d like to found out about licensing any image of mine for personal use or commercially please go to the Image gallery and choose the image you are interested. You can also always contact me for more information.

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